DHLife – what they are doing to help people financially.

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Good day today I would like to talk to you about DHLife what they are doing to help people financially.

DHLIFE is attracting interest around the world! People are joining from USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia!


In this short presentation we are going to cover the following questions:

Why DHLife?

What is DHLIFE?

How you can make money with DHLife?

If you don’t know your why in any business adventure, you won’t be able to go far, in any journey, you are going to embark on, you should know your Why, You might have noticed that some people joined this business group after you, but you see them leaving. Why?

Some join a business and quit, Some join a group without making any impart, The list go on and on, All this is due to one thing, some people don’t know their why, If you know your WHY, you can bear any HOW.


In network marketing industry, there are numerous challenges that cause attrition that’s what make people to quit or fail in the business, It’s not that the industry is bad, but it requires some skills to excel in the industry.

Some causes of attrition in Network Marketing industry are:

Lack of abilities to recruiting down lines.

Lack of money to upgrade.

Lack of money to do auto ship.

Problem of running two or more companies together, the list can go on and on.

But, just think of it, what if we can have a system that you will not need to recruit, you won’t need to upgrade, you won’t need to do auto ship, and the start up capital will be very affordable, With such system, you will know that your bonus check will be very big to carry.

But this is not just a fantasy as some professional network marketer will make you to believe, they will tell you “it is not possible” However, impossible is nothing! We just broke that barrier with DHLIFE; DHLife is designed and launch a system that solves all these problems causing attrition.

With DHLIFE, you don’t require to recruiting, before you can make good money, You don’t even need to do auto ship, the system is design to take care of it for you, one time payment covering you for Life! DHLIFE, you will be not in two but 4 different companies at the same time and with DHLIFE making it 5!

You get paid simultaneously with all these co-op companies, Let’s see how this is made possible with this simple and yet sophisticated system, Welcome To DHLIFE, and welcome to new world of endless possibilities where impossibility is nothing, DHLIFE was founded in the USA by Steve Sughrim and was officially launched on August 8, 2018.

It was born with a view to solve peculiar problems in network marketing industry and empower all its members effortlessly, DHLIFE main product, is Wealth Education (which is made available through educational module that a re seller will purchase)

With DHLIFE, you will learn how to create wealth mostly using the latest technology like block chain. So, DHLIFE is raising global digital entrepreneurs.


DHLIFE pays it members called “independent re seller” in 3 unique ways; Each Independent Re seller (IR) is expected to buy educational module value at $150 that’s around N54, 750. Each Independent Re-seller (IR) is expected to buy educational module value at $150 that’s around N54, 750 (we usually refer to this purchase as activation or upgrade)

Once this package is activated, the system will put you in the company “Global Forced Matrix System” The first among this 3 Unique Ways of Earning is called Circle of Wealth bonus. Do keep in mind that once you have paid the 150$ you will not be paying again the system will do that for you.

Once you have upgraded you are placed in the global matrix, the system will fill the matrix for you from those that join the company after you, no matter where they come from or who brought them to the company, If you are in Nigeria, and another person join in South Africa, your matrix will be filled before that person joined after you.

The company build your down lines base on the time of each person activation – it’s a first come first served system, You will be assigned two down lines, and your two down lines will have their own two each, Making 6 people in your total down lines team.

Once your 6 people are completed, you have completed Tier 1, and you will receive Tier 1 Circle Bonus of $25. What do you do to achieve this? Yes, nothing except you bought a module of $150, you will be moved to Tier 2, and one after the other all your 6 people will meet you there, once they completed joining you in Tier 2, you will move to Tier 3

Yes, you will receive another circle bonus for complete Tier 2, and that is $75! Same scenario will play out in Tier 3, your six system assigned matrix members will join you in Tier 3, and you will move to Tier 4!

For completing Tier 3, you will receive $200, its getting sweeter from here at this stage; you will begin to quarrel with poverty. Once you complete Tier 4, you will receive $1000 Circle Bonus and move to the final circle phase, Tier 5 (your fight with poverty will be very intense at this point)

At Tier 5, you will earn $4700 Circle Bonus! This is where you will give poverty a knockout, and you will quit being his friend (you will tell poverty bye-bye) In all you have earned $25+$75+$200+$1000+$4700 = $6000! How much is that in Nigeria Naira? Do the math’s.

How much is $6000 in your local currency?

Let’s talk about “second way of making or earning money here” It’s called Co-op Companies Residual What happen when your fellow six members join you in Tier 5?

Tier 6 (There is no Tier 6) You will re-enter Tier 1, At this point you have completed a circle but the journey continues, You will enter Tier 1 and become the down line of the last person that activate their account! This circle is amazing; it’s a never seen in the industry!


Let’s talk about second way of making OR earning money here at DHlife

It’s called Co-op Companies Residual, Dhlife has partnered with 4 different reputable companies to bring you weekly and monthly residual income.

This is how it works:

Once you complete the Tier 2, DHlife will sign you up in “iMarketlive” DHLIFE will pay for your registration, your auto ship and fill your down lines for you, first by those your follow-me 6 members! Then their own down lines, down lines. This is amazing iMarketlive, has their own unique compensation plan that you are going to benefit from.

You are going to be a $3000 potential earner with iMarketlive using DHLife system, At your completion of Tier 3, you will be signed up with “Travel Party” another reputable company, Your company global forced matrix assigned follow-me six members will join you in the “Travel Party” again with all their own follow-me down lines, At Travel Party you will become a $3000 monthly potential earner too!

Once you complete the Tier 3, you will move to Tier 4 and at Tier 4 you will be signed up with “Bitclub Network” Same scenario of follow-me will play out, Don’t worry, DHLIFE will pay all the bill… Awesome! Your own is to be making your monthly income, after completing Tier 4; it’s time to move to Tier 5, where you will be enrolled with “Future Net”

Dhlife pay for your registration and your auto ship, And fill your down lines for you in all, you will become a potential $12,000 earner from these 4 companies alone on monthly basis! How much is that in your local currency? This is a never done or seen before system! But it doesn’t end there.


There is a 3rd Way of making money here

It’s call 5 Levels Instant Pay! 5 Levels Instant Pay, pays you base on your effort and input Though its not compulsory for you to recruiting before you can enter into the company global forced matrix, however, DHLIFE reward you handsomely if you can bring people to the system.

You earn $15 from everyone you recruit directly, Imagine if you can bring 10 people, that’s instant $150 for you! Technically, you are simply selling the Educational Module to new member! You can receive this commission once you are registered member even if you are yet to pay your own $150

That means a free member can earn this $15 commission! Then when the people you recruit, bring their own people, those one will be in your level 2, you will earn $5 from them, imagine if your 10 people can bring 10 people each, do the math. Then in your Level 3, you will earn another $5.

However, you will earn more in Level 4 with $10 commission on each person there. At your level 5, you will earn a very huge $15! Another amazing commission! If you are familiar with this structure you will know that Level 5 is where you will have more people in your team, and this is where you make more money.

What a generous compensation plan!

You will hardly see a system to pay you this amount in Level 5 in other network marketing companies.


The POWER of 4 Promo! There is an amazing Promo running now called Power of 4 You will receive amazing bonus if you can help 4 people to activate their accounts and for each of this four that recruit 4, you will get $100 bonus! Imagine if you can help your 4 get 4, that’s $400 guys! For each additional recruit you receive $100!

This is amazing. Let’s do this folks!

All payment in DHLIFE is done with Bitcoin If you want to get started straight away, ask for the registration link from the person that invited you to this group. If you feel you have some comments or question drop them after this presentation, so I can’t attend to all of them, we have a lot of leaders in the house that can do justice to your questions.

Be rest assured that you are in the right place at the right time, Anyone that join now, is position themselves for future greatness that only people with insight can see right now, If you don’t yet catch the vision, please don’t miss series of presentation by the CEO on Zoom, if you have caught it invites as many people as possible to join this group and our Zoom meetings, also ask for this link from the person that invited you.


1. It’s free with the option to upgrade. $150 USD in Bitcoin will be the upgrade amount. How do I join? To become an Independent Re-seller (IR) with DHLife get back to the person that referred you to DHLife for their personal join link.

2. Will I fall under my sponsor? Not necessarily, we load left to right as a company build. This is called a company forced matrix. However, your sponsor will get credit.

3. What do I need to do to earn? Register with DHLife™ and the system does the rest. However, DHLife™ mission is to enrich the lives of people. You can share your referral link with others. This will ensure momentum, hence, resulting in everyone generating commission.

4. What is DHLife? DHLife™ has partnered with 4 co-op companies to create 4 streams of income (iMarketLive, TravelParty, BitClub Network and FutureNet). You can get additional information by visiting

5. Do I need to recruit? It is very helpful to the team when you share this great opportunity, however, you do not need to personally recruit to move up in the tiers.

6. How much can I earn? The 5th Tier pays out approximately $4,700 USD in bitcoin. The uniqueness of our platform is that you earn from our 4 co-op companies as well. This creates 6 different income streams in addition to DHLife™. for more information please CLICK HERE

7. How do I get paid? When! eligible your back office eWallet will reflect your earnings. At that point you can make a “Withdrawal Request” from DHLife™. Our co-op companies all pay out commissions differently. Please refer to their respective compensation plan.

8. What is Dominion Heir Lifestyle International Refund Policy? We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with DHLife™. Since the DHLife™ products are all digital in nature and can be accessed immediately upon purchase, there is a strict No-Refund/No-Charge Back Policy and when you make a purchase of such products, you waive your right to a 14-day cancellation period. Please CLICK HERE

9. How to send in a Support Ticket? We have committed support staff located on live chat or in the form of submitting a support ticket from your back office. Or you can fill out the contact form HERE

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